02/03/2020 | Latvia - Lapland - Inari

Lapland INARI

2-8 March, 2020

Price: 355 euros/person.

Price includes: full transportation by bus from RIGA, LV and back, ferry tickets Tallinn – Helsinki-Tallinn, breakfast, accommodation (up to 3-4 people/room), bed linen and towels, welcome drink on the arrival and mafia game, wi fi in the camping place, Santa Claus village visit, sauna all nights, group leader service, information package (maps) and all taxes.

Durig this trip you will have enough time to explore Tallinn and Helsinki!!!!

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Day 0

Possible departure from Vilnius, Kaunas at 20:00 in the evening

Day 1

01:30 Departure from Riga. 05:00 Arrival in Tallinn. 06:00 Check in ferry. 08:15 Arrival in Helsinki. 09:30 departure to Helsinki center. Free time. 20:00 Departure to the north. Night in the bus.

Day 2

09:00 Arrival in Rovaniemi. Breakfast on your own. 10:00 Departure to Santa Claus village. 10:30-13:00 Free time in Santa Claus village.

13:00 Departure to the camping place. Stop in the local supermarket to get food. 18:00 Arrival in the destination, welcome briefing and settling into the cottages. Free time. Sauna.

Day 3

8:00-9:00 Breakfast. Skiing/snowshoeing day. Snowmobile*.  You can enjoy cross country skiis or get a lesson how to ski as Finnish people do* 19:00 BBQ in the camping place. Sauna.

Day 4

07:00-07:30 Packed breakfast. 8:00 Departure to the Arctic tour* (Norway). 13:00  Sauna. If it is opened the possibility to visit King’s crab factory. Exploring the village. 20:00 arrival home. Sauna.

Day 5

8:00-9:00 Breakfast. Check out. 11:00-12:30 Husky farm visit and husky ride*. 13:00 Departure to Rovaniemi. 15:00 – 18:00 Free time in Rovaniemi. Possibility to visit Arktikum museum. 18:00 Departure to Helsinki. Night in the bus.

Day 6

07:00 Arrival in Helsinki. 09:00 Ferry to Tallinn. 11:15 Arrival in Tallinn. Free time. 20:00 Departure home. Night in the bus.

Day 7

04:00 Arrival in Riga. 08:00 Arrival in Kaunas. 10:00 Arrival in Vilnius

*Extra activities

The final itinerary with all exact times (departure, arrival, breakfast and etc.) will be send to your email one week before the scheduled trip. Any questions, send us an email!

Lapland – Inari

In the far North of Finnish Lapland lies the popular resort of Inari-Saariselkä.  The unique northern countryside, national parks, lake areas, rivers and highland fells offer a wealth of opportunities for year-round travel. In winter, the Northern Lights dance across the sky up to 200 days a year. Ivalo is a village where our tourists

Snowmobiles are ready!
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Aurora Borealis in yellow (2014) Thank you Mascha for this amazing picture!
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Our cozy renovated in 2015 cabins for 2-3 people
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Roads during the Arctic tour in Norway (on the way to the Arctic Ocean)
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Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi
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Our student photo of Aurora Borealis
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The sky above our camping place in November, 2014
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Before travelling to Lapland, make sure you have checked:

1. Take warm clothes (wind proof jacket, pants, socks, gloves) and boots;

2. Check the weather forecast before the trip;

3. Get ready to spend some hours in the bus (take pillow, blancket, movie, snacks);

4. Wi fi, towels and bed linen are included. No sleeping bags in our tours!

5. Remember, you will be able to cook in the cabins/hostel and Finland is very expensive country, so you may save some money buying food in your host country.

6. Travelling in a group is always fun but please be patient and remember: we all in the same bus!

7. Your tour guide is ready to help you at any time as well as bus drivers.

8. If you have any illness and you think your tour guide should be inform, please, do not forget to tell him/her before the tour starts. It will help your tour guide to be fast and help you if it is needed!

9.Remember that strong drinks in Finland are sold just in the official shops, called Alko (very limited working hours) so you may buy some strong drinks in your host country and save some money!

10. More info here


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