Russian Lapland

The Kola Peninsula is a 100,000-sq-km knob of tundra, bogs and low mountains between the White and Barents Seas. Lying almost entirely north of the Arctic Circle, its mesmerising expanses of wilderness are fabulous places to be dazzled by the aurora borealis or midnight sun.

The Kola Peninsula is an ideal region for people who are attracted by unusual, unpredictable and extreme environments and boundless northern wilderness. The virgin forests, magnificent mountains, endless tundra, and crystal-clear rivers and lakes will make an indelible impression upon you. You will travel in time visiting ancient artefacts, historical memorials and witnessing tradional specalties of the Saami people and Sea dwellers.

Hiking Tour to the Barents Sea

One day excursion to the Barents Sea

With this special excursion you will meet the polar tundra in the north of Kola Peninsula which ends in village Teriberka at the Barents Sea. On our way your guide will tell about the impressionable changes in plant life with elevations of the tundra and the history and life of the Teriberka village which is known since the year 1523.

We will hike to the “Rolling Stones” beach – one of the less places on Earth where the waves of the Sea are able to lift huge stones and during thousands of years polish them to egg shapes -, a beautiful waterfall which falls directly into the Arctic Ocean and to the cannons on top of the cliffs left after the last World War. In winter the waterfall is frozen and looks like a “pipe organ”.

Teriberka became more known after the film “Leviathan” from producer Alexei Zvyagintsev in 2015. Filming of exterior scenes for Leviathan took place in Teriberka on the Barents Sea coast. In 2014, he took part in the Cannes Film Festival and won an Award for the Best Screenplay. We will visit some of the filming locations.

We will watch what nature offers more; a lot of polar flowers in Summer, a vegetation of all colours in Autumn (who is afraid of the “Red, Yellow and Blue”) and the frozen Arctic land in Winter. We also will see left villages of Soviet time and forgotten fishing villages where people still leave.

This excursion contains walking parts over unpaved paths.

Price: 40 euros/person.

Price includes: transportation by bus, lunch, guide service.

Hunting Northern Lights in Murmansk

Since you stay in the town of Murmansk, it is a great chance to escape outside and enjoy the northern lights. Our guides check the weather forecast just before the tour so we always aware of the real situation in the region. You willbe moving from one placeto another in order to have the best Aurora Borealis view. Our guides are the photographers so you will have high quality pictures afterwards. You will be able to download all activity pictures next day.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Price: 25 euros/person

Price includes: transportation, guiding, pictures and hot drink.

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