Belarus - Ukraine

A unique possibility to visit two capitals in one trip. Minsk – the capital of Republic of Belarus with the population more than 2 mln. people. For all the time of existence of Minsk it burned down completely 18 times. That is why nowadays Minsk is a perfect example of the soviet urban planning.

Kiev is the ancient centre of Slavic culture, the mother of all old Russian cities. Kiev is a scenic city with a population of over 3 million people its located on the shores of the Dinpro River. Kiev is a city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and friendly people.

Chornobyl is the most famous Ukrainian phenomenon. Don’t miss the most important and unique experience and site. The event, which got name “the Chornobyl Disaster”, has changed the trajectory of our civilization development, it is the most evident contribution of Ukraine into the global history. Its place – the Chornobyl Zone, with the nuclear power plant (NPP), which doesn’t produce energy anymore but instead paradoxically consumes it, and an abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, – like a time machine, let you see the events past and realize how both history and nature works. The intricate ensemble of hundreds of impressive technical and cultural monuments is surrounded and engulfed by flourishing nature, which has gone wild in this area.

National Opera House in Kiev

Possibility to see the performance during your trip: ballet/opera.

Price: 20-60 euros/person, depending on the performance.

If you are interested, send us an email to ask about the exact performance during your trip.

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Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra(Kiev Cave Monastery) is a unique monastery complex, which is included in UNESCO world heritage list. It was visited by more than 43 millions of tourists from all over the world.

Lavra caves is the system of underground passages, divided into two parts — Far and Near Caves. First annalistic mentions of Lavra Caves are related to 1051. At first caves were occupied by the monks who lived their, later in caves started to bury dead settlers of the monastery. In particular there are remains of Chronicle Nestor the author of the «Story of bygone years», Ilya Muromets — Russian epic hero and the relics of imperishable Lavra saints.

In some underground cells lived hermit monks, who devoted their lives to prayers — in the walls of cave passages had remained small holes through which they got water and food.

There are legends about the extent of Lavra caves, — it’s said that underground passages stretches under the Dnieper and also connects Lavra with other monastery caves of Kiev and Chernigov.

Price: 15 euros/person, including guiding, entrace tickets and entrace to the museum of miniatures.

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Chernobyl Tour

A day trip to Chernobyl.

Drive to Chernobyl with passing “Dytyatky” (on the border of the 30-km “Zone of Estrangment” ) watch a documentary on Chernobyl during the 2 hours ride.

Preliminary program:

  • Arrival at Chernobyl & Meeting with the staff of Chernobyl Interior Agency
  • On the way to Power Plant we pass 10-km border and check point.
  • Make a stop at the cooling channel to feed the fish if enough food.
  • Sightseeing of reactor Number 4 from a 100 metres away
  • Stop near the “Red forest” Visit to Pripyat. Sightseeing of The Dead Town, Hotel Ferris Wheel, Swimming Pool
  • Return to Chernobyl. Lunch.
  • Stopping at “Opachychi” village, meeting with the people who have moved back to their village after the Chernobyl Disaster
  • Drive through Control Point “Dytyatky”. Measuring of radiation.
  • Drive Back to Kiev.

Price: 95 euros/person

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Ukrainian traditional dinner

Definitely one of the funniest programs! Vegetarian option is also available. The highlight of the program is the colorful folk show, consisting of songs, dances and games. Dinner includes: salat (vegetable, meat or viningred or stolichni), soup (borsch, soljanka, or mushroom soup), main course like beef stroganov, kutlet Kiev, shashlik with side potatoes or rice, and sweet pirozki or blini for desert with tea. Some changes are possible. Price: 20 € /person,

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